Innova Solutions Put On A Strong Show At Sign and Digital UK

The face of their high strength products, World Strongman Mark Felix, pulls in the punters at Sign & Digital UK 2017.

Lancashire based adhesives firm, Innova Solutions, and their sister company, NovaDURA, were joined by none other than 11 times World Strongest Man competitor, Mark Felix, at the Sign & Digital UK event in Birmingham last week as they championed their high strength product range.

As the face of Innova Solutions, Felix’s appearance made the Sign & Digital UK’s 30th anniversary one to remember, putting his world record holding grip strength to the test in challenges with visitors and exhibitors alike while delighting fans with photos and selfies.

The spectacle of strength helped to draw attention to the pioneering products Innova were showcasing, including pre-powder coat metal bonding, low surface energy (LSE) bonding tapes and products that can build a durable structural bond without leaving read through. It was also the perfect platform for sister company, NovaDURA, to launch primaDURA Glow - the only anti-vandal and anti-graffiti photoluminescent signage to satisfy the demanding requirements of Transport For London/London Underground Ltd; S1085: Issue A4: 2016 for Fire Safety Performance of Materials in Rail Stations and Tunnels Infrastructure.

Glenn Dunleavey, Managing Director at Innova Solutions, said:

“Mark Felix is the perfect figure to represent the unbeatable hold and grip strength of our own products. He personifies the Innova Solutions brand perfectly and having him at Sign & Digital UK really helped to get visitors involved and interested.”

Speaking of the show’s impact, Glenn continued: “We had a terrific exhibition and took away some exciting leads. You never know - just one of those could make a significant contribution to our annual forecast and pay for the whole show, making it a worthwhile investment.”

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There are high strength bonding tapes and eco-friendly adhesives for an infinite number of applications. Yet when you want one to meet your specific needs can you find the guidance you need?

When Innova Solutions started trading in 2002 we didn’t think so. In fact that’s one of the reasons for our very existence. How much better would it be, we thought, if you knew exactly why high strength bonding tape A was better for your application than high strength bonding tape B?

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That’s why so much of what we do blends high specification capabilities with an environmentally-friendly formulation. Take the new NovaBond XS (Extra Shear) range of foamed acrylic tapes. They’re cured by UV, so no solvents are present in the production process or final product.

Or NovaSol NC, a non-chlorinated range of plastic welding adhesives which are safer to handle and dispose of.

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