World’s Strongest Man And Lancashire Adhesives Firm Are A Strong Combination

Adhesive and bonding specialists, Innova Solutions, enlist Bolton strongman Mark Felix as the face of their range of high strength products.

When Trawden based Innova Solutions needed a face to represent their range of high strength adhesives and bonding tapes strongman Mark Felix seemed like a strong fit. Lancashire legend, Felix, has an impressive record in competitive strongman events, regularly placed in the world top ten. Felix is famous for his incredible grip strength and in fact holds the current Rolling Thunder world record.

Innova Solutions launched the campaign with their very own strongman competition in which Sales Director, Spencer Kelly, faced off against Felix in a number of gruelling events.

"“Obviously at Innova we’re familiar with high strength, our adhesives and tapes are known for it, but I wanted a strong personality to reflect the strength of our products. We’ve worked with Mark before on the Trawden Strongman Competition, he’s a North West legend, and the embodiment of high strength.”" Glenn Dunleavey, Managing Director at Innova Solutions, said:
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About Innova Solutions

Bonding people. Fixing problems

There are high strength bonding tapes and eco-friendly adhesives for an infinite number of applications. Yet when you want one to meet your specific needs can you find the guidance you need?

When Innova Solutions started trading in 2002 we didn’t think so. In fact that’s one of the reasons for our very existence. How much better would it be, we thought, if you knew exactly why high strength bonding tape A was better for your application than high strength bonding tape B?

That’s what we do, with an enthusiastic team who know their stuff and take real pride in supplying exceptional adhesives and the practical advice to help you buy wisely.

Eco-friendly people. Eco-friendly adhesives

The environment has always been a part of our ethos because it’s right outside our door. With the beautiful Lancashire countryside all around us, we’re reminded daily that what we do – and how we do it – matters.

That’s why so much of what we do blends high specification capabilities with an environmentally-friendly formulation. Take the new NovaBond XS (Extra Shear) range of foamed acrylic tapes. They’re cured by UV, so no solvents are present in the production process or final product.

Or NovaSol NC, a non-chlorinated range of plastic welding adhesives which are safer to handle and dispose of.

The bonding people

For signage, construction, automotive and point of sale, find the high strength bonding tapes and eco-friendly adhesives for your application at Innova Solutions.